Rieker Antistress Shoes


  • Specially produced components and a unique construction method ensure that Rieker shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  • A snug fit at the heel prevents forward movement of the foot within the shoe thus allowing total flexibility and total comfort.


  • Rieker shoes are especially flexible (no pinching) to give your foot freedom to move throughout the day whatever your tasks are.
  • Flexible hand stitching within each shoe ensures the best fit at all times.

Shock Absorbing

  • The Rieker Antistress sole unit absorbs shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface for a more comfortable tread
  • Differing sole types: PU soles (polyurethane), Rubber soles, Multicolour soles, Thermoplastic rubber (moulded)


  • Special Rieker lasts (shapes) ensure that there is more room at the front of the shoe allowing extra space for your foot when you need it.


  • Shoes are made on forms called lasts. They are fundamental to the manufacturing process as they dictate the exact size, shape and fit of the shoe made upon them.
  • A fully developed human foot remains the same shape throughout adulthood; last shapes continuously change in accordance with current fashion trends. For example, slight changes of toe shape, dependent on the design of the shoe, requires a new last.
  • Once the shapes are down on paper, the Pattern Cutter produces a blue print which serves as a basis for the rest of the patterns for that style. A single shoe can have up to 50 parts and it is the Pattern Cutters responsibility to make sure these parts fit.
  • A sample is produced next so it can be fit tested and style tested. This is important to ensure that the product is commercial in the current marketplace.